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I cannot speak highly enough of the craftsmanship and service afforded by this wonderful jewelry designer. While on vacation, I bumped into Marcia at an "Arts on the Docks" night in Ocean City, MD. I found a necklace that I loved, but wanted a longer chain. She actually went the next mile to make this necklace work for me, and mailed it to me at my home in Pennsylvania. Love, love, love her designs and dedication to her customers.
Diane L., Pennsylvania

"Marcia's work continues to stun and amaze me and now that I own my first Cupschalk handcrafted beauty, I'm pondering a commission! I have to say her jewelry is not only gorgeous, but pleasantly comfortable, natural and easy to coordinate with daily life. I've never been a big jewelry wearer, but Marcia's art makes me feel great when I wear it! With each piece being unique and handcrafted, I know there will never be a necklace like mine and with the lifetime warranty; I'll always have a unique piece of jewelry for years to come. If you haven't seen these one-of-a-kind pieces of art - I highly recommend you trying one will never take it off...just like me!
Now, my stone agate, double stranded necklace with agate pendant absolutely screams my name when I put it on, however I've been drooling over her Kumihimo Braided knockouts! This is an artform in the weaving alone, yet with the embellishments and unique patterns Marcia is able to work into the pieces...WOW, just beautiful. Talk about taking a functional piece of history and kicking it up a notch. These pieces are so light to the touch you won't even know you've worn it all day and just imagine the conversations it will start! I can't wait to own my very own Kumihimo Braided - Cupschalk original!!!"
Katt B., Maryland

Dear Bead Pod327,
I wanted to take this opportunity to let you know how much I love the jewelry I purchased from you this past autumn! I wasn't familiar with the term 'Kumihimo' so I really appreciated you taking the time to tell me about this Japanese braiding technique along with the gemstones, fossils and unusual focal points you select for each piece. Your attention to detail, especially the intricacy of your Kumihimo braiding, is a show stopper! Wearing Bead Pod 327 one-of-a-kind designer pieces makes me feel special.
Finally, I want to thank you for going above and beyond with your customer service. You really took the time to answer my questions and tell me how to best care for my necklace and bracelet. I've liked you on Facebook and I can't wait to see (and buy) some more of your wearable art!
You've got a raving fan in Pennsylvania!
Fredericka C.

I have enjoyed wearing Marcia's jewelry for several years. I am in awe of the intricacy and of the fine detail and beautiful execution of each and every little coil and swirl and the obvious love and care woven into those amazing Kumihimo cords! I cannot thank you enough for creating such unique and wonderful works of art that I can cherish and wear for years to come!
H. W., Pennsylvania

Marcia's work is truly wonderful.  I had a very specific idea of what type of jewelry I wanted for my June 2013 wedding, and I simply could not find anything in stores or online that fulfilled my vision.  I contacted Marcia, and after several thoughtful emails back and forth, she custom made several completely unique designs for me to choose from for both our rehearsal dinner and the wedding itself.  Everything was beautifully customized and one-of-a-kind. I ultimately chose a pair of earrings and a matching bracelet for the rehearsal dinner, and another pair of gorgeous statement earrings for the wedding.  I received so many compliments on all of the items!  The craftsmanship is truly excellent, and so is Marcia's attention to detail and her eye for beauty.  I am so grateful to have had the perfect wedding jewelry, especially knowing that no one else will ever have pieces quite like mine!  I will certainly be purchasing more jewelry from Marcia in the future.  Thank you so much, Marcia and Bead Pod 327!!
Cathrin B., Maryland

"A weekly newspaper was announcing an upcoming craft show. The article focused on a local artist, Marcia Cupschalk, and her artistic jewelry. 
An accompanying photo highlighted a gorgeous necklace using the ancient Japanese technique of Kumihimo braiding. The braiding was done in silk, with various beads, including turquoise, along with a beautiful carved leaf of sterling. I now own that magnificent necklace, along with three other ingenious Kumihimo pieces. I receive numerous compliments when wearing any of her pieces. 
I have been to several shows, including the Rehoboth Art League's Annual Holiday Fair - Fine Arts Show.  She is always designing unique beaded jewelry and accessories at an affordable price. 
Marcia  guarantees all her merchandise and provides you with prompt, attentive and courteous service; including a home delivery!  She even assisted with repairing a piece of jewelry I had purchased from a recent vacation. 
Marcia is the most amazing, creative person whom I have the privilege of calling "friend" !
CAC, Delaware

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