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I started out as a Graphic Designer and later in my career, I became interested in Medical Illustration. I have done many award wining projects some of which have been recognized by a former President's Cabinet member and archived in the Library of Congress.

I redesigned a bus to be used as traveling display to recruit nurses for a major hospital in Virginia. It was televised on CBS. Other awards were from the Philadelphia Art Director Club, Philadelphia, PA.

I tutor students, preparing them for art colleges as well as having classes instructing Figure Drawing and Gyotaku printing.

Some of my community efforts were "Book As Art" event that was a week long event celebrating the creative aspects of books. I also sponsored a Salisbury Art Canvas during an art festival where people could come and paint a section to express little vignettes of creativity.

I have my paintings exhibited on a German website:

Then jewelry making came into my life....

I enjoy creating different designs that are unique but not so extreme that one would not want to wear. The finite detail that was developed in Graphic Design and Fine Arts is now used in my jewelry designs. I remember a quote from an actress that stated "it is okay to wear Pearls with Jeans." I see this style in most fashion magazines; even more elaborate jewelry can be worn with casual clothes.

In addition to the websites for jewelry, I do shows in Maryland and Delaware.

"It is said, a neat desk is a sign of an idle mind!"

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